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Are you looking for agents to work remotely? Lead generating?
Are you looking for Solar Appointment setters?
Are you in the Real Estate industry and need cold callers?
Do you have a call center? Its not working out how you hoped it would?
Have you tired Fiver or Upwork and didnt get results?

You have probably spent THOUSAND of dollars already and are ready to give up, right? You SHOULD!!!

You dont understand the culture of how call centers work in 3rd world countries like Mexico, Philippines, Latin America or India. You think because labor is cheap and the countries are poor, every agent is willing to put in that work but you are WRONG! They have more opportunities and dont care about your 2 cents. Trust me.

You and HUNDREDS of businesses are on the same boat! If you are in solar or real estate industry, you are only following the bandwagon... You are not thinking outside of the box. You get sold on the ideas that has worked for OTHERS. Without understanding that those people dont have your best interest at hand. They want to make money off your stupidity. They are selling you their OLD leads, the scraps.

Here are some of the problems, agents from India and the Middle East steal your data. Agents in Philippines step on each others toes for 50 cents. In Latin America agents will make excuses to not take calls (Internet not working).

Here are the solutions to your problems,

1. STOP using dialers with Spam Likely or Scam Likely popping up on caller ID.
2. STOP buying leads from companies that are in the same industry you are in.
3. Hire agents with no center experience, they dont have bad habbits.
4. You dont understand Metrics, DONT get sold on "connection rate" or "KPI" or "yada yada yada" (Blah, blah, blah).
5. Understand all the variables that go into making a call center work.
6. Peek hours.
7. Real bullet proof scripts
8. You have to spend time on a call to make sure it sits. Dont expect a 2 minute phone call to sit, they will not take you seriously.

You will probably disregard my suggestion because Im not a influencer or have a big following or dont do videos on YouTube.

My name is Kevin, I have been in this industry for 7 years. I have a network of agents WORLD WIDE and no, Im not taking about Fiverr or Upwork. My curriculum vitae is filled with top companies. For example, Google, Intel, Frontier, Comcast, 411 Locals, HotelPlanner, Solar, Real Estate and the list keeps going. I know all their best practices. I know what works and what doesnt.

We are Freelamce CLOSERS! You want to work together? Lets ROCK N ROLL!

Dont WASTE my time, I dont work with everyone. Im an athlete, I only surround myself with TOP performers. If you are not an athlete or pursuing health and fitness dont contact me. How can I expect you to love my dedication towards OUR business goals if we are not on the same frequency?

My fee is affordable 10 USD an hour or 50% commission on every sale or lead.
My agents fees are affordable as well, depending on what your are looking for $2-7 USD an hour or a commission structure that works for both of us.

Best Regards,

Kevin, Freelance CLOSERS!

Only contact me via email or Whats App
(Based on our first interview I will provide my phone number)
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