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Use the Right Screen Printing Separations Method to Get the Result You Want
Four types of screen print separations
We now offer color separation services to all of our customers. You simply tell us which type of separations you would like us to work out and we will have the separated file . The process is simple, just click the separations button after you have logged in and upload the file that you need separated. You tell us the size, quantity of colors, and the separation process you would like us to use. We do not print the films for you, so make sure you are able to print them your self. Below are the descriptions for the different types of separations.
Spot color silk screen separations
This process of color separations can be done using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or another graphics program without any type of other special software. You can create this type of color separation with simple vector artwork. The spot color screen printing separations process is suitable for one to three colors. Occasionally, spot color printing may be used with designs involving over 10 bright colors, though this is rare. No matter the number of colors in use, artwork that is vector designed only can be done through spot color separations.
Four Color Process separations
This type silk screen separations process involves four colors in the artwork: black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. By using programs such as Fast Films, Photoshop, or Easy Art, you can utilize this process in conjunction with secondary and tertiary colors to develop the full spectrum of colors for your specific design.
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