Office/Home security camera & 128gb SD card - $50 (Cabo San Lucas)

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$50 USD or $1,000 pesos.
This is the best camera system, easy to use, setup and watch current or past videos from your cell phone in minutes!!
Go back a few days and blow thru motion activated video.
NIGHT and day, unbelievably clear videos. Middle of the night videos and I can tell which of my many dogs activated camera in a second!
I can set the camera to notify me immediately, all the time, or best, go back thru my phone and videos.

I have 4 cameras connected and watching them all at same moment!!

Please just call me!

I've already sold many.
These surveillance cameras are very good, creates nice, up to 4 camera systems!
Super easy set up and usage!
Monitor and watch live!
Great storage and reviewing of video(s) for days.
Everything you'd want for home and office surveillance.
Portable/movable or mountable!
Set them anywhere in the house/office/garage, etc... that has power, is within your wireless router connection!

Please just call me!

Use 1 to 4 cameras set up on an app, at a time.
Watch thru Alexa! I say... "Alexa, show me downstairs" and it's on my Echo.

This system is super easy to set up.
I have the camera(s) and also a 128gb SD card(s) so history can easily be reviewed for days!
The night vision for these cameras is also incredible.

Watch everything on your phone, laptop, tablet, 1 to 4 cameras at one time.

The simplest setup, user friendly, most mobile/moveable little camera system you can use!

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